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Three Days of Programming

We are still a long way out from the conference dates and we are working out the specifics for next year. We are excited to share a bit about what to expect. This year’s conference has three themes for our sessions.

Evergreen Operations

Authors wear a number of hats, and most of them have nothing to do with writing! The business decisions we make to support our business can have a huge impact on our mental and financial sustainability. These sessions will focus on building a better business and protecting it from the unforeseen.

Enduring Ink

Most of us consider the creative portion of being a writer the fun part, but what about when you’re stuck or too overwhelmed to write? Many authors find that, as they near burnout, writing time is one of the first things to go. These sessions will tackle the work behind our craft, and how finding ways to streamline a first draft and build in seamless inclusion can empower and energize your career.

Endless Engagement

As your backlist grows, creating sustainable methods to connect with your community can become stressful and overwhelming. How do you find the balance between finding new readers and retaining super fans? These sessions will focus on some of the various engagement touchpoints–newsletters, subscription platforms, and social media–and how to build in automation and processes to support your reader community.

Vendor Day and Networking events

There will be a number of Vendors onsite to talk with you about your business. Each night there will also be a mixer/networking event for attendees.

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