Author Sustainability Conference 2024

Dublin, Ireland

February 2-4, 2024

The Grand Hotel, Malahide.

Registration has closed! We look forward to seeing you in Ireland this year.

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Who is this conference for:

  • anyone who has self-published and wants to ensure their business strategy is sustainable
  • trad published authors with rights reversion who want to learn the business side of being an author
  • self published authors who have seen success but for whom maintaining their current pace will lead to burnout – how to pivot without sacrificing all progress to date
  • unpublished writers who are committed to self publishing and want to establish a sustainable business model from the outset.


Who this conference is NOT for: 

  • Aspiring writers still focusing on writing their book 
  • Writers who have not decided if they want to go trad or self published route
  • Hobby writers – not everyone wants to turn their passion into their job, and that’s okay! But this group is focused on the business side, so if that’s not in your plans then this group isn’t right for you.